Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy

Christmas 2010! A very lovely time of year full of amazing moments.

This year we got a big television. I was very torn as the 36" television works fine. It's the 500 lbs tube television that I've had for 18 years.

Our bungalow isn't very large so to add a 50" t.v. seemed a bit much but we enjoy our movies and fireplace in the same room.

As we contemplated how we'd house the new t.v since the custom-made entertainment center wouldn't fit the flat screen, I thought instead of settling for a style I didn't like or spending a mint for one that sort of fit the bill, we'd look for an antique cabinet. In the meantime I asked an artist friend of mine if he might be able to re-purpose our old entertainment center. We knew that it could take years to re-purpose the entertainment center so we needed something that would work for years if need be. We found this Art Deco Cocktail Cabinet for $80.00. That beat the $500 mediocre entertainment center we looked at. In addition these inexpesive Curio cabinets we got to contain some of our keepsakes matched the wood tones of the Cocktail cabinet. We had to put in a new shelf and a new backing on the cabinet and it worked out perfectly.