Thursday, January 29, 2009

ARGH! Bathroom Advice

So the bathroom is going to be a major ordeal. I spoke with a contractor who basically wasn't listening to me. I told him I wanted to keep the bathroom pretty much the way it is, but add tile where the ugly plastic is and take the faucet off of the water return drain in the tub.

Perhaps it's because I'm a woman that he felt he knew best, but he's fired before I even hire him. Yep. This isn't going to be so fun afterall.

The kitchen and bath salesman I spoke to was great. He came with the plumber to look at the job. He removed his shoes and made the plumber remove his shoes as they walked across the hardwood floors. He seemed to "get it" and listened and offered some suggestions. He said he would send over the contractor who does the demolition and tile work. It was this contractor who disuaded me from only replacing the plaster where I wanted the tile. When I said how I wanted the tile to be 6 ft.' he said that it should go to the top of the arch in the tub area. He suggested that the whole bathroom be gutted so that he could put in mould adverse boards. He said he could recreate the arch over the tub and it would still be an arch but would be a little different. He then proceeded to tell me how he put in lights over the shower and a glass door and pulled out the closet outside the bathroom and reconstructed a bathroom somewhere in the neighborhood. My heart just starting sinking. He did confirm that the plumber should put in the "studs for the second floor bathroom while we have it torn apart. I did like that idea. He also confirmed that the floor finish on the baseboards would have to be sanded and repainted. It was my floor refinisher that has made me leery of contractors in the first place. If they don't know what they're doing they could really screw you up.

My handyman I like. He is reasonable - beyond reasonable in cost, but he also has a full time job. I'm afraid he just doesn't have the time to do the bathroom. He, too, would modernize the bathroom if it were strictly up to him. He listens, though. Meanwhile, until I get this dang job started the water is dripping down the drain and it's like Chinese Water Torture.

Who knew it takes a week to get a quote. I know there is someone out there who gets the point. Hey, it isn't going to be the biggest job in the world, but the fact is, if they do a good job then it is likely they'll get the job to do the kitchen, basement and the attic space, too.

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