Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Hero!

It is clear to me that I make everything more difficult and intimidating than it needs to be. I've been anxious about this bathroom refinish and my guy, Kimball has put me at ease. He has bought and flipped several houses like this and he does refinishing in bathrooms and kitchens all the time. After having the other guy out who basically wants to gut the bathroom, Kimball has given me reassurance that we don't have to gut it to accomplish what I want to accomplish. I'm so relieved.

Today he is here making life better. The two little peevish projects are in the works as I write. He put in a 20volt circuit in the eletrical which took all of 5 minutes and our crap shoot microwave is fixed. It was such an irritating problem. While cooking we had to hold our breath every time we turned on the microwave. Would we have to go to the basement to flip the breaker this time or next? It seemed it was every two to five times of use. He thinks he resolved it. No need for expensive overhauls as I thought might be the case. Seriously - 5 minutes. To me he is worth his weight in gold.

The kitchen sink. He is putting in a new faucet. The old one was driving me crazy because it was so low to the sink that it was just not user-friendly. I had put a nozzle on the end of the faucet to have a spray option which makes a big difference, but only added less distance between the bottom of the sink and the end of the spicket. In addition he is adding the water valves under the sink so that we can turn the water off from upstairs should there be a problem. Now we'd have to run to the basement to shut off the water which in such situations time is of essence.

My hero!

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