Monday, May 25, 2009


Cookouts, warmer days, the sound of lawn mowers in the's Memorial Day!

Tomorrow begins the tile work! The bathroom will be complete this week. Thanks to all here who gave me advice on working with the sink and toilet. In the end our advisor said that with the expense we would have reglazing the sink we'd be better off replacing it. They said that since this was our only bathroom that the reglazing could get messed up really easy in a sink. We chose a sink that resembles the one we have but is actually 6" taller. Back in the day the sinks were pretty low. A tall guy would have to really bend over to do anything. We're not the purist renovators although we are pretty close. Respecting the integrity is coming into play in every decision we make.

We did decide to keep the toilet. The floor is the original floor with all its flaws and character, the tub is the original tub. We did make one little change. It seems that it WAS usual to have the spout within the tub. We have seen a couple tubs with the original fixtures and neither had a water return feature. I was told that it was changed so that there was a return because water from the tub could go back out into the faucet. That just doesn't sound good no matter how much we want to keep the integrity of the original design. Let's face it - there are some things that modern technology has improved. So, with that in mind, our faucet is above the tub and we'll have a return water thingy ma jig. I haven't had a bath in this house, yet. I've owned it 8 years. It will be divine! I had the pleasure of two places in the past where there were deep, deep claw foot tubs. This won't be so deep, but a nice bath on occasion can't be beat.

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