Monday, May 25, 2009


Our 1926 Bungalow is very special. I'm having a great time with it. The bathroom is nearly done, the landscaping is beginning to happen, the kitchen - it's going to be awhile before anything happens there. I'll have 'dish pan hands' for awhile more although I really don't mind. We're makng this our own little piece of heaven.

When we came to the conclusion that renovating the attic would just be too much expense to have one more bedroom and bath, especially with the fact that we felt that the exterior would be ruined with the type of dormer it would require to make it how we'd want it on the inside completely destroying the integrity of the outside, we were okay with that.

Although we would like to have one more bedroom and bath, it seemed that it wasn't going to happen. We began plotting to do a bathroom in the basement and refinish that a bit more to get us the extra space we want.

So, Sarah says go check out this house. Not even considering anything we did. It's a Tudor with another bedroom and a half bath on the main froor. It's got the original 1920's bathroom fixtures, beautiful tile in the upstairs bathroom, a fireplace in the master, a kitchen custom renovated and another bedroom. It's on two lots, gorgeous landscape, a quiet street, corner lot, two car garage......

There is nothing to be done to this place. It's a show place. I see myself entertaining in this house. It's gorgeous! It's for sale by owner. It's a temptation.

Many things would have to align for it to make sense to go for this house including giving up our sweet little bungalow. Our house is on a busy street, the houses neighboring are pretty close, the landscaping needs lots of TLC and there is that space issue.

Win or lose the other house, I'm happy, but I think if I don't try at all, I'd be disappointed that I didn't go for it.

The saga will continue.

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