Sunday, June 7, 2009


The bathroom is almost done - and thank goodness. Do I really need to write any more about this little bathroom. For those purist, know that we didn't get rid of the sink - the original sink. I couldn't bare to part with it. We are keeping it for the basement when we add a bathroom down there. So there!

Under several layers of paint we found what we think is the original color of the bathroom - it's a green color. We are painting the plaster portion upper 1/2 the same green color. I can't wait! The tub reglazer ran out of materials and had to reschedule otherwise we'd be done this week. Nope - no such luck. He is coming this Friday so over the weekend we'll be without a shower - but it should be the last time we are without a shower - hopefully forever in this house.

We're still going through the motions of looking to make an offer on the other property. I'm not really in any hurry and think that if it is meant to be it will happen very easily. We wanted to have the crumbling bricks in the front stoop rebuilt and the bathroom completed before we'd put a FOR SALE sign in the yard. Ugh, just the idea seems a little off. Part of me thinks I'm off my rocker to even consider it.

The deal is we want a place in Chicago again. It's been interesting being back in town here because I'm not attached to it. I'm not involved in the community and most of our friends are in Chicago. Nothing is really keeping us here aside from the house and my parents. I have to change - get involved - be part of this little town. We'll see what happens next.

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